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Website Design

At Magnesia Design we pride ourselves on providing crisp, clean, professional and reliable websites. Whether you are about to dip your toes in the exciting world of e-commerce or wish to promote your club or your business online, we can help.

We see ourselves more as web enablers rather than just another design house. Sure, you want a good looking web site, and we'll provide it, but, all too often, design can overwhelm functionality (and we think this is a “Bad Thing”). When your visitors hit your site it needs to be crystal clear how they can find what they want. We will make sure that navigation through your on-line site is straightforward and obvious.

Design Process
The Design Process

Developing a website that's going to be a success story for you is not just a matter of “banging up a web page” and hoping. We need to understand your business to help you develop a successful online strategy and really harness the power of the web. To do this we follow a series of steps:


This is probably the most important part of the whole process. We work together to understand what you want or need from an online presence. We will develop an understanding of your business, your customers or clients and your aspirations. Together, we will identify the sort of site that will best suit you, the “look and feel” and the most appropriate ways of marketing yourself online. We will identify existing copy, images and ideas that can be incorporated and discuss branding and online identity.

This process is not onerous and can be a useful exercise for other reasons. Many of our clients have found it a good opportunity to evaluate their business in a way they have never really done before.

We will then produce a brief document summarising the results of the consultation and agree on a budget and time scale for the process.

Design and development

Utilising the results of the consultation, we will produce a number of mock-up designs for you to consider. Once we have agreement on the general design, we will undertake development of the site, incorporating the principles of search engine optimisation into the design of the site.

Once we have a functional model, we will place it into a protected online area so that you can view and assess progress.


Once the skeleton of the site is complete, it's time to populate it with your carefully crafted content. We can move across existing copy and images with ease or start from scratch. If you want, we can help with copy writing or, at least, act as a soundboard to bounce off ideas.

Your site will usually be based on a content management framework so, editing your copy is a breeze (pretty much like using Microsoft Word).

And then...

We publish your new website onto the World Wide Web.

Of course, this isn't actually the final thing; We still need to submit your site to all the major search engines, set up Google Analytics, plan a link campaign, implement any planned email marketing campaigns and make sure you're up and running with social media. We'll also make sure that you know how everything works and that you're firmly in control.

Even when we have finished, we haven't! We'll help you to maintain and backup your site, tweak things for you and just be around if you need a hand.


Geek Alert


We try not to talk geek but, if you're interested, we develop most of our sites utilising php and MySQL. These are open source systems that are fantastic for developing modern, dynamic, database-driven websites. Almost all decent web hosting companies will offer access to php and MySQL as part of their hosting package. This means that, should you choose to move your website, the whole process should be relatively problem free.


Whatever you are selling, we can provide you with a shopping cart solution that will suit your requirements. A well designed shopping cart will be a pleasure to use and keep your clients engaged. A badly designed cart will leave them scratching their heads and moving off to greener pastures. Make sure your shopping cart is a great user experience.

We will integrate your shopping cart software into your web management system and we'll show you how to update and add items for sale.

The software will manage tax, allow for special offers and coupons and automatically adjust shipping rates depending on the criteria we set. It can be as all-embracing or as simple as you wish. Different pricing structures for different product variants? No problem.

A wide variety of secure payment gateways can be built in ensuring that you capture all possible sales and we'll make sure that search engine optimisation is built in to minimise missed opportunities.

If you're looking for a great online shopping experience for your customers, get in touch using our online contact form.

Booking Systems
Online Booking Systems

If you are running a hotel, guest-house or other property and you're looking for a powerful, flexible, booking management system that's under your control then look no further. We can set up a system for you that will manage just about every aspect of the booking process. The system is highly flexible and will suit you down to the ground whether you are letting out a single property or managing a multi-room hotel.

You can manage an unlimited number of rooms and room categories, create extra services or accommodation options, define special offers or coupons for your guests, automate confirmation emails and even take payment securely online.

We can set up visual tools to show room availability on your website to potential guests and back-end functionality to allow you to manage your booking diary.

These kind of services are usually provided by third parties, charging a hefty monthly fee. Take the middle man out of the equation and let us help you to run your business yourself.

Online Catalogues

If you need to present your products or services in an eye-catching way that's simple to maintain and update then you should talk to us.

Whether you need an elegant “magazine style” presentation, with clickable, modal display of images (open in a light-box effect) or a tabular list, we can find a solution.

Your goods or services can be catalogued into specific sections or categories and linked to images and other files (.pdf files, zip files, etc.).

We make it straightforward for you to add, delete or edit individual items by integrating the catalogue into your web management, back-end software.

Web Blogs
Web Blogs

What is a “blog”? Well, my dictionary defines it as “a journal written online and accessible to users of the internet”.

Why would you want one? You might simply want a blog because you have something to say that other people may be interested in. Whether it's an online diary for your own pleasure or an analytical examination of the news of the day or incisive political commentary, a blog can be anything you want it to be.

From a business point of view, a blog can be a very useful tool for promoting your products or services and can tie-in directly to social sites like Twitter and Facebook. As a less formal way of discussing your product line or special offers, it's a great way of getting news out and onto the internet. If you get the bug and start generating useful, informative articles, you may find them picked up and spread through media you might otherwise have difficulty penetrating.

If your first thought is “this sounds like hard work”, it really isn't. We can set up a blog for you and link it into your social media sites. All you have to do is write occasional (regular is good or things become stale) short pieces on your business, products or whatever. It's no more difficult than writing a document in Word (but it can get kind of addictive).

You never know – you might even become a member of the “bloggerati”.


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