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Pay Per Click Advertising

If you want a cost effective means of driving a targeted audience to your website then you really need to consider pay per click advertising. There are a number of pay per click companies in existence but Magnesia Design recommend Google's Adwords service. It is fronted by the most significant search engine and is backed by a set of excellent, free on-line tools that allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

With pay per click advertising we help you set the budget and the parameters that ensure you receive motivated, interested visitors to your web site. Since you pay for every click it's vital that as many visitors as possible are converted to customers. We can help you to achieve this aim.

Consider the costs of advertising in a newspaper or magazine where your message is being broadcast to all and sundry. There is room for this sort of advertising but, for most businesses, it's going to be far more cost effective to actively target only those who are interested in your product or service. When set up correctly, Adwords does exactly that. Your advert appears on the Google search page in response to keywords you set. Whatever your budget, we will help you get it right and maximise the return on your advertising investment.

In line with our philosophy of empowering our clients to take control, we can help you set up an Adwords campaign and show you how to monitor and run it. If you would rather leave it to us then we can run your campaign for you for a modest monthly fee.


Top Tip


Remember, when you set up a pay per click campaign you are not trying to maximise the number of hits to your website; you are trying to maximise the number of sales from your website. There's a big difference and it's important to keep it in mind.

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