Email Marketing


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Email Marketing

Email marketing is fast, cost effective and a powerful addition to your online marketing armoury. Maintaining contact with your customers can be a great way to encourage follow-on sales and customer loyalty and “tell a friend” links can help expand your customer base.

Magnesia Design can help you design effective email marketing messages and show you how to successfully organise an email marketing campaign. We'll help you set things up and then give you the tools to do it all yourself (unless you prefer us to do it for you). We can help you manage your mailing list and design targeted landing pages for specific campaigns. We'll also make sure you know about the pitfalls and how to avoid being blacklisted.


Top Tip


Don't let anyone sell you an email list for marketing purposes. Using such a list is a pretty good way to be tarred as a spammer and end up on a blacklist. Once you're on a blacklist, you'll have a hard time getting yourself removed and it can have a serious impact on your online business.

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