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Web Blogs

What is a “blog”? Well, my dictionary defines it as “a journal written online and accessible to users of the internet”.

Why would you want one? You might simply want a blog because you have something to say that other people may be interested in. Whether it's an online diary for your own pleasure or an analytical examination of the news of the day or incisive political commentary, a blog can be anything you want it to be.

From a business point of view, a blog can be a very useful tool for promoting your products or services and can tie-in directly to social sites like Twitter and Facebook. As a less formal way of discussing your product line or special offers, it's a great way of getting news out and onto the internet. If you get the bug and start generating useful, informative articles, you may find them picked up and spread through media you might otherwise have difficulty penetrating.

If your first thought is “this sounds like hard work”, it really isn't. We can set up a blog for you and link it into your social media sites. All you have to do is write occasional (regular is good or things become stale) short pieces on your business, products or whatever. It's no more difficult than writing a document in Word (but it can get kind of addictive).

You never know – you might even become a member of the “bloggerati”.

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