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If it's done well, blogging can be a very effective way of promoting your business and services while driving traffic to your website and interacting with social media. Blogging can help your SEO efforts and provides an effective way of getting your message out.

A blog is, essentially, a less formal addition to your website where you can post about the latest business news, tips and tricks, special offers or anything you want. It shouldn't be an onerous task to maintain a blog but regular, brief updates are wise (or things get stale).

However, blogging is not for everyone. You do need to put some time into maintaining a blog and it needs to be interesting. A poorly maintained blog is a depressing thing that isn't going to do anything for you. A vibrant, well-run blog will attract followers and keep them interested.

At Magnesia Design, we can help you to decide if blogging is for you, set up a blog for you, show you how to post (no more difficult than creating a Word document) and ensure your posts update your social media sites.


Top Tip


A well written blog that offers the reader something of value will attract followers. These people will act as ambassadors for your business. Cultivate them.

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